Art Teacher K- 5

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<Mrs. Linda DeCarlo>


2016 Youth Art Month Student Exhibit at The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

March 1-13, 2016       

March 13 Student’s Reception 1:00-3:00      All are welcomed!

The 2 artists representing Franklin Elementary are Angelica G. in Grade 5 and Lylah S. in Grade 4.

This is a beautiful art exhibit in the Walter’s marble piazza of Baltimore County Public School’s K-8 students. The museum is open to all for the day!


2016 State Of The Schools spring meeting hosted by Dr. Dallas Dance exhibits one student portrait from each BCPS school. Representing Franklin Elementary is Lily P. in Grade 3.


2016 Youth Art Community Exhibit is hosted by Owing Mills High School

March 22 in the gym, 6:00-8:00

The 15 artists representing Franklin Elementary are in Grade 1- Isabelle T., Grade 3- Anthony R., Dennis M., Kali L., Sydney S., Eden J., Grade 4- Andrick V. Maddy C., Hannah N., Grade 5- Jaden W., Connor Z., Darryl O., Amelia G., Rebecca C., Riya M.


We are so proud of our artist at Franklin Elementary!


All 5th graders will have art exhibited at our spring music concert May 19, 2016.

All student’s art is exhibited on our walls 3-4 times each year.